Find a Patio was created by Chad Williams, founder of Creative Visual Design and 30 is the New 20, as a fun side project to do one very specific thing: Find nearby patios when you want to dine and drink al fresco. 

Why was Find a Patio created? You’ve probably been in this situation: You’re with a group of friends and want to go out. “Where should we go?” gets asked, and if the weather’s nice, “What places have patios?” Then, the head scratching begins.

Now, anyone looking for some fresh air fun can visit Find a Patio and see establishments nearby with open-air outdoor seating: patios, decks, terraces, rooftops, sidewalk, etc. Just browse the map, click to get details on a location—including how far it is from where you are—and get directions on the spot.

I hope you enjoy using Find a Patio. If you want to submit a patioreport a patio, or have ideas for future features please let me know.

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